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PREM Management Media Relations

The media may seem like a confusing and impenetrable world. Thankfully, the reality is much simpler. It’s easier to get your name, project, or event out there than you might think. At PREM Management, we have assembled a wealth of knowhow through the combined knowledge and experience of those from the PR, journalism, event management, and digital sectors.

Different backgrounds, but a common objective – to make your business or event as successful as possible. Whatever your purpose, whatever your goal, we understand the business of engagement – how to make people sit up and take note. What they will see is a business showered in creativity, with a positive message, at the forefront of its sector.

Media relations and publicity is about delivering tangible results. AT PREM, our in-depth knowledge of the media means we know what makes it tick. We know what editors, business or otherwise - broadcast, digital or print - are looking for. And we know we can deliver the coverage you want, at the right time in the right place. Whether it’s a one off press release or a sustained campaign to raise your profile, we can offer a service tailored to your needs. With experience in dealing with national and local media, and a wide range of contacts, we can put your name, product or event into the public eye. We will also maintain your business’s relationships with the media.

That way, you can trust that all opportunities are being taken. Similarly, we can establish you as a source of knowledge for journalists, establishing you as a trusted voice in your industry. Should issues of reputation management ever arise, meanwhile, PREM Management will be there to advise on the correct strategy for you. We understand no two clients are the same.

We will always work to fulfil individual needs, creating a bespoke strategy especially for you. It may be you wish to expand your reach, or perhaps feel as if your profile is not as high as it should be. Through an extensive range of media contacts, plus skilled writers, designers, and digital experts, we can push your business to new heights.

We will identify areas of your business that deserve attention, initiate campaigns, deliver press releases, and advise on the awards your business should be seeking as an integral part of its marketing strategy. PR can often seem a puzzling world. It shouldn’t be. In fact, with the opening up of the digital world, it has never been easier to identify and engage with your precise audience. Our PR work will always carry the digital world as an integral part of its make-up, enabling you to receive benefits from both the online and offline world.

 At PREM Management, you are always at the heart of the process. PREM isn’t about rolling roughshod over your wants and needs. Together, we will work out the best strategy for you, never diverting from your ultimate goal – and achieving it.